mercoledì 15 aprile 2009

russell eponym @2:00 pm slt

Russell Eponym (Russell Taylor Ashby) canta e suona da tutta la vita!. Crede fermamente che quando una persona incontra la musica sulla sua strada non finisce mai di imparare e di scoprire nuovi orizzonti.
Suona con versatile abilità, il mandolino, il banjo e l'armonica creando un sound unico caratterizzato dal suo meticoloso stile fingerpicking la sua voce dolce ed intensa ed una affascinante presenza scenica molto British !

Russell ha risentito soprattutto l'influenza di Bert Jansch, John Renbourne e Bob Dylan, ed ha suonato per anni in bands e gruppi musicali di vario genere: rock, punk, jazz e folk ed anche da solo facendo anche il musicista di strada fra Londra, Parigi Vienna.
Sui palcoscenici inworld esegue oltre che i suoi numerosi pezzi originali anche dell covers di artisti quali
Dylan, Donovan, Tracy Chapman and Ralph McTell.


(Russell Taylor Ashby) is an acoustic folk and blues singer who has been playing guitar and singing almost all his life. He truly believes that when it comes to music, a person never stops learning and discovering new horizons.

Primarily influenced by Bert Jansch, Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, Russell has played throughout the years in bands of many genres: rock, punk, jazz and folk and as a solo artist and street singer in London, Paris, and Vienna.

In addition to performing his own work, he sings a multitude of songs by well-known artists such as Dylan, Donovan and Ralph McTell.

His versatile and accomplished guitar playing and his ability with mandolin, banjo and harmonica create a gig that you simply don't want to miss. Russell's unique sound is characterized by his meticulous fingerpicking style, his soft, lulling voice, and charming British stage presence.

Russell was one of the first live performers in SL and was a regular player at many of the top venues.

Russell is truly the eponymous hero of his own life story!

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